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Auto photo resizing in Linux

I still haven't found an optimal photo editing workflow that I'm happy with. I guess photo management varies wildly between people and it very much depends on the tools you're using, but for me it goes as follows:

Take photos on camera.Transfer to my Ubuntu desktop to a temporary folder, e.g ~/Pictures/temp.Use DigiKam to quickly go through and delete non-keepers and make any minor edits as needed.Once ready, move the remaining keepers to my synced Google Drive folder.Select a small handful I want to share with friends/family, resize them to 1920p and email them out. The process works mostly well, except I hate having to do the manual resizing at the end. So I setup an automated workaround hack for this last step: Install Watcher and configure it to monitor my Google Drive sync folder.Make it copy all new/edited images to ~/Pictures/_resized.Have another watcher job that monitors ~/Pictures/_resized and converts every new image to 1080p. This all happens dynamically in real-…