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Loxia 50mm F2.0 vs Sony 55mm F1.8 (or AF vs MF)

I've recently had a chance to use the Loxia 50mm F2.0 for a few weeks on my A7II.

I've always wondered what the value proposition of this lens was. The Loxia is priced slightly higher than the awesome 55mm F1.8, yet the Loxia is manual focus only, it's slightly slower at F2.0, and slightly heavier too. The claimed advantages are better 3D pop and micro-contrast, yet the bokeh is generally regarded not as good as the 55mm Sony Zeiss (which I agree with, in some situations it appears nervous and distracting).

Having now used both of these lenses for over a few months, I think image quality-wise they're fairly comparable. Both are great lenses and produce fantastic results, when you nail the shot. Sure, the 55 may be slightly sharper wide open, and the Loxia slightly richer color rendition in specific situations, but it's really hard to say one is overall better than the other. Both produce very pleasing photos.

The key point is being able to 'nail the shot', …